Ned Rig Jig Head - Crayfish Claws - Finesse - Bucktail Bass Fishing Lure

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Product Overview

Ned Rig Jig - Bucktail Finesse Jig with Crayfish Pincer Claws

Price is per Jig

Our Ned Head Bucktail Jig is approx. 3" long head to tail.

Popular Bucktail Jig on a mushroom "Ned" head, with a light wire hook for finesse fishing Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Bill's microfiber ultra suede Crayfish Claws make this a durable tasty snack that Smallies can't resist. Slow falling, great action.


Check back for more colors. Comes in 6 sizes from 1/16 ounce to 1/4 ounce

Current color patterns: Black, Black and Blue, Black and Purple, Black and Chartreuse, Orange and Brown, Chartreuse and Brown, Chartreuse and Olive, Olive and Blue, Black/Red/Orange, PBandJ (Brown,Purple), Crawdad (Olive, Orange), WRF



(No reviews yet) Write a Review