Plastic Storage boxes

Plastic Fishing Tackle Storage Boxes.

Keep your flies and jigs in great shape, all together in your Tackle box or grab them and go without taking your whole setup. Excellent gifts that are inexpensive yet look classy. Great add-on to your order; we can package your lures for you by request. Retailers and Tackle Shops call us. We can make sets for you, complete with hangtags, in their own durable packaging. Many styles and sizes, some with compartments for easy storage without tangling your hooks together.

Double sided Fly Boxes can be used for small jigs too, not just flies and Streamers.

Many are waterproof, some float.

We have slotted foam for drying your lures before storing them, to avoid rust. Can be custom cut to fit your Tackle Box or used as a Boat patch to sun your flies and jigs. (side note: great for giving your glow in the dark jigs a charge in natural sunlight.)

Comes with the Haggerty Lures logo on each box.

Can't find what you want, or want them in bulk for a special event like a kids Fishing Rodeo or Show? Give Lori a holler. We can do Shop logos too for you.

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