About Us

Haggerty Lures is a small family-owned business. Every fly and jig offered on our site is poured, painted & hand-tied by Bill or Lori Haggerty at the time of purchase.


Meet the Haggerty's!

Bill Haggerty                        musky.jpg

      Bill started the Company in 2004 to spend more time at home with his family, especially his autistic son Steven. He was a carpenter/general contractor before that. He loves designing new patterns and testing them out on our local lakes and rivers. He's been fishing all of his life, he's not happy unless he's near water.

Lori Haggerty                       lori-bass.jpg

      Lori was a Realtor for 10 years and gave it up to help Bill full-time a few years ago. She's loved the water and wildlife since she was small; you couldn't keep her out of the creeks no matter where she went, overturning rocks to inspect the critters underneath.

(When Bill & I were dating, he would bring me butterfly Koi for my pond instead of flowers!)

Steven Haggerty                  th-steven-show.jpg          

      Our son Steven is an avid fisherman, he tends to outfish everyone else just about every time! We keep him busy, he often attends Trade Shows. He's starting to take an interest in making some of his own lures, so keep an eye out - they may be showcased on the site one day soon!


Richard Haggerty                     th-dad-muskie-6-2012.jpg

      Bill's Dad Rich has jumped on board to help us out, he plans to take an even more active role since he retired this Year. Of course, he's a willing fishing partner too - there always seems to be a lot of Research & Development to be done!


Susan Haggerty, Ann Becker

     Bill's Aunts are our best critics & most avid supporters. From making sure we're fed to making sure the house doesn't fall down around our ears (we're work-aholics!), to insisting "That jig needs more pizazz, add eyes or something. NOW the fish'll bite it!" their creative inspiration helps us get the job done. They've done their fair share of Fishing with Bill's Grandfather growing up, so they know what they're talking about. They're also helping us paint & tie. Ann designed and makes the Jewelry on our site, you'll be seeing more of their creations in the future. (Hint: Rod wraps, BarBQ aprons and more!)

     Why did I put them together? Because they're twins, and always together anyway! :)

Update: 12/29/18  - It's been 2 years this December that we unexpectedly lost Aunt Sue. I'm sorry it took so long to write this, it was just too raw and painful. It knocked the Wind out of us, and there have been lots of adjustments to make. We love you Susie, we'll carry on. I know you're looking after PopPop Jack, he's a handful. Tight Lines and Clear Skies ...