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th-phil-bronkhurst-grandson2.jpg That's my grandson with a couple nice ones caught on your 1/4 oz. round head
marabou jigs yesterday on the Flaming Gorge. They really do the trick. He tied on a black and red and kept it on all day, I used your lime green/orange (perch pattern) and we caught quite a few. We released them all, since some are spawners this time of year. Thanks for a great product, I'll be ordering some more for my two grandboys and myself soon. Phil B.


 biggjeffs.jpg   This isn't no trophy but it was the only fish caught that day......
After 2 missed hits in a 9 hour trolling marathon.... It was time for a change!!!!
A HAGGERTY Chartreuse/White seahorse head spinner, buck tail jig, 1 OZ;

I plucked from my tackle bag; too giggles, smirks, and a low growl " We
fish Penn ! Mono ! and ballyhoo ! here in Florida!!!!! " I quickly tied it to my 50 LB braid, Quantum Boca 70, UglyStick 7ft heavy.....
A grunt of "a waste of time" I heard come from the front of the boat...
As I sent the HAGGERTY into the blue.... And into a spread of 6 !!!!
We had been  trolling------- 2 ballyhoo on the outriggers- 2 ballyhoo on the mid-sides- 1 Yo-Zuri deep diver on the corner-
1 Rapala +25 deep diver on the corner

I spooled the HAGGERTY about 180ft back straight in the middle of the 6 spread and placed the Ugly Stick in the center rocket
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz screamed the drag .......zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzz......
What a awesome AIRSHOW this Bull Dolfin put on.... Jumping, flipping and charging.....
Now the boat was full of cheers and awe.... 20 minutes, 1 3/4 trips around the boat.... The Captain gaffed him with one fluid motion out of the blue into the icechest... With the Biggest Smile I said too the Nay Sayers.... "this ain't Florida, it's the Big Blue"
Thanks HAGGERTY    a day I will NEVER FORGET!!!!



jim-francis-june-2011.jpg     after catching 30 or 40 nice walleye on Harrop Lake in Manitoba, my new Haggerty
jig was still holding up... then, right at the boat.... this ate my jig and walleye...

Got my jig out ... released him and the walleye .... what a great trip and your jigs really got put to the test...
Great job .... thanks
Jim Francis
Norco, Ca

 paul-vito-son.jpg   Thanks so much. Really enjoy your products. My little boy just caught this
crappie on one of your lures a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to pass the photo along to you. His name is Anthony.  He's 10 years old.

Paul Vito