Peacock Bass


We MUST know the date of your Trip when you place your order! We try to accommodate all REASONABLE requests. Bill hand ties these jigs, by himself. We do NOT have back stock or inventory. There can be up to 3,000 jigs in front of your order. Order early!

Beautiful Flies, Jigs and Lures specifically for targeting Peacock Bass.

Whether fishing for Trophy Fish in the Amazon, Belize, Brazil, Argentina or catching those smaller but feisty Peacocks in Florida we have all of your warm water colors for Southern Fishing.

Traditional Jigs have an extended tail on 80 lb test fishing line. Our newer patterns each have a different action in the water to entice picky predators and make a day of fishing exciting and fun.

We're often asked "How many lures should I take for Peacock Bass Fishing?" 

If your Guides provide most of your lures, you can take a handful in single patterns just to switch it up. It's nice to be able to tip your guide with an extra jig or two he doesn't normally have. Make sure you still tip with cash as well - this is their living. 

If you must provide all of your lures, as is the case with most FLY FISHING excursions you should be prepared with plenty. Bill's rule is always have at least 3 of the same color and size. If your only lure works awesome and the Pirahna take it and run you'll be wishing you took more. For a 6 day pure fishing adventure it's good to have at least 30 jigs per person in various colors.
     You typically won't destroy as many Flies. Unless you're exclusively Fly Fishing you can get away with a dozen per person in varying sizes, colors and styles. These are large Streamer Flies so remember you probably won't be throwing them all day, every day. If it's a Fly Fishing only Trip you'll want significantly more.

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