Hagg's Hellraisers

Our Hellraiser Jig and Fly series.

Watch for us fishing these on The Next Big Bait TV Show, airing in July 2018 on the Pursuit Channel!


Standard Hellraiser Jigs range from 1/16oz to 3/8oz with a 2/0 hook. They're a beefed up Bugz great for River fishing. Smallmouth Bass love them, but don't be surprised when you pull up a Muskie, Walleye or other fish species that couldn't resist.

Lunker Size Hellraisers are our largest Freshwater Bass Bugz, on steroids. Use the Lunkers when you need to catch the big girls and Tournament fishing. They can be tied on a Round Head or Lunker head. The Lunker head style can be purchased in Weedless too. Sizes 1/4 oz through 1.5 ounces, up to a 5/0 sturdy Bass hook!

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