Peacock Bass Jigs - Flame Tail

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Product Overview

Premium PEACOCK BASS JIGS are just what you need for the Trip of a Lifetime to the Amazon or your weekly Guide Trip in Florida.

Please note: We currently have an 8-12 week lead time for Peacock Bass Jigs.

If you need them sooner you MUST contact us BEFORE placing your order. We MIGHT be able to accommodate reasonable requests, but rush and extra fees may apply. Materials are in short supply, Bill‘s clipboard is fully booked. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. 

Lori’s cell (484) 651-3107.

Price is per Jig. Quantity discounts are for same size and color jigs.

These fishing lures come in the 5 of the best colors and 4 sizes so you can use your favorite pattern for freshwater Bass, Peacocks or Dorado.

For the FLAMETAIL jigs we removed the fishing line and added Bill's microfiber Ultrasuede tails to last longer, hold your favorite scent and give better action in the water. They're sturdy tails that will stand up to the strikes of toothy Big Game Fish and Pirahna.

The 1/4oz and 3/8oz are good for smaller fish and are approx 6" long. Hands down the 1/2 oz are most popular for the Rio Negro and large Peacock Bass.

We even have 3/4oz for those massive Dorado fish! 1/2oz and 3/4oz jigs are approx 7"-8".

All jigs are made with Premium Northern Bucktail and holographic flashabou. Each lure hides just a touch of red chenille with tinsel flash to simulate a glimpse of gill plates.  All jigs are knotted and tied with extra glue at all key points, and have epoxy on heads and threads to hold up better to toothy Bass and Pirahna.

Jigs are tied with 2x strong Mustad hooks.
1/2oz and 3/4oz have 6/0 hooks.

Please keep in mind all of our lures are made to order by Bill and Lori Haggerty and a small staff of a few friends, family and Veterans that have become family. We can be quite busy during Peak seasons. Please order early or contact us for availability if you have a Trip scheduled.

These are a bit different profile jigs for Peacock Bass. Please see our other listings for our Traditional Lures and Twisted Joes, and beautiful Flies just for Peacocks.

We have extended shipping times, please allow enough time before your trip. We appreciate your patience.

  • Premium jigs for Peacock Bass have 2x strong Mustad Hooks to hook Trophy fish.
  • Hand tied in the USA by local Veterans and Friends to support them and our Family business.
  • Tied in 4 sizes to target the fish you want to catch; whether small Bass, Trophy Peacocks or Big Game like huge Dorado.
  • Tied in the best warm colors for Southern Fishing - reds, yellows, oranges and bright Chartreuse or dark Pirahna.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review