NEW! Shorty Joes - 4" Hair Jigs

Holy Joe Bucktail Deceiver Jigs, only 4" long!

Tied on the same head as all of our Joe's, the Shorty is shrunk down to only 4" long for a shorter profile. 

Great for Spring and Fall Fishing. As always, the Shorty will drive Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass wild, and don't be surprised if you catch a Muskie or other fish species. Smallies can't resist.

Shorty Joes can be tied in any of our head styles including Guppy, Teardop / Coffin head, weedless and more.

We have just a few color patterns done. Please feel free to call or email if you don't see your color option. We'll make them and get 'em up for you.

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