Bass Jigs

Our best jigs for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

This is kind of our "Quick Picks" for freshwater Bass fishing. They are just suggestions; it's always fun to experiment. Many lure colors, styles and sizes overlap for fish species.

Many of these were designed by Bill for Tournament fishing.

You'll find these jigs in other categories as well, with more color choices and sizes.

Recommended Bass colors;

Spring and Fall Bass Fishing - Black, Olives, Browns, a dash of orange, purple, blue or red. Smaller profile jigs work well, add some weedless jigs to the Tackle Box; there tends to be more weeds and brush in Autumn.

Summer Bass Fishing - White with accents and flashes, especially silver, blue or red. Gray Shads with a touch of black are good too.

We'd love your suggestions. Tell us your favorites and what style or Season you fish them.

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