NEW! Holy Hannah Marabou Jigs

These hair jigs are tied just like our Holy Joes, but with Marabou feathers instead of Bucktail!

Hannah jigs are designed to drive fish wild, with beautiful flowing marabou. Made in Bill's deceiver style with nice long tail feathers for a larger profile. Two options:

1. Bass for Largemouth and Smallmouth, great for Tournaments. If you haven't tried Marabou jigs for Bass you're missing the boat. Smallies go crazy for it.

2. Muskie version is beefier with more flash for those toothy critters that love "bling", including Pike.

Vintage style materials with a modern twist. Premium Marabou and Saddle feathers, Flashabou and custom blended Chenille make this jig an awesome Secret weapon in your Tackle Box. We can make them jointed for an even longer prey fish profile when you want only the BIG fish!

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