Saltwater Wobble Jigs

Awesome new mold just in, large Wobble jigs for Saltwater fishing!

Bucktail jigs in 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz and 4 ounce for Striper, Fluke, Flounder, Sea Bass, Redfish, Bluefish and more!

Perfect surf fishing jig slides along the sand. Shaped like a spoon, it's naturally snag resistant. Great Wiggling action in the water. UV and Glow in the Dark options for deep or murky water, cloudy days.

We use premium Northern Bucktail hair. Heads are powder coated, then baked and oversprayed for durability. As chip resistant as we can get them!

Ask about Ultra Suede Trailer Tails if you want to tip them. Rubber and silicone tails rip, tear and shred - Creature Tails are much more durable.

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