Black with Chartreuse - Bucktail Game Changer

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Product Overview

  Big Game Changer Musky Fishing Lures - our articulated Fly with a Fish Skulls Fish Mask has 3 joints with the single hook tied in the front of the fly. We've picked the most enticing color patterns for Muskie. This jointed fly combines premium Bucktail, feathers and Flashabou on a sturdy 5/0 hook that'll stand up to toothy predators like Muskie and Pike, with tons of action. Add in coveted Whiting Grizzly feathers to match and you'll be catching fish all day. Tied at least 8" long! Great for Peacock Bass too!

  We hand tie every lure, knotting and gluing key points for durability. We want your fish to tear it up because of a good fight, not a poorly made lure! All Haggerty Lures are tied well enough to be used by Professional and Tournament Anglers, but you don't have to be a Pro to fish them. Experience the Haggerty difference in quality; they're worth the wait. Called by many names - Muskie, Musky, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Muskellunge, Tiger Musky, muskelunge also perfect for sauger, largemouth, smallmouth, bass, smallies. Can be used as a Saltwater Fly, trailer or teaser for Sea Bass, Striper, Fluke, Flounder, Bluefish and other large fish. Great trolling Fly. You'll be surprised what big game fish you'll get. When using this lure in Saltwater remember to always rinse in fresh water and let dry before putting it in your tackle or fly box, for a longer lasting fly. Haggerty Lures is known for custom, quality work. Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations, there is a difference.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review